Cryptocurrency wallet creation

The cryptocurrency market is growing and developing at a frantic pace. For this, a lot of developers are working, who, in particular, are working on creating wallets for storing cryptocurrencies
For example, a full wallet for ethereum with a clear interface appeared only in 2016. Before that, only Geth could be used, which is a command line (console) and works only through entering code. Not surprisingly, only advanced users could work with it.
Gradually, more and more new wallets began to appear, and today we already have a good choice for every taste and every need. In this article we will look at what types of wallets are available and we will study each of them separately

Types of cryptocurrency wallets

First you need to figure out for what purposes and device types we need a wallet. There are 5 types of wallets:
  • Online wallets
  • Desktop wallets
  • Mobile wallets
  • Hardware wallets
  • Paper wallets

Often, developers release wallets for the most popular platforms and operating systems: mobile - for Android and iOS, desktop - for Windows, MacOS and Linux. The online wallet will store your cryptocurrency in the cloud, and the hardware wallet will be stored on a special physical device. Paper wallets store cryptocurrency “in the old manner” - in printed form.

Which one to choose

Consider the most versatile and easy to use options
Online wallets
The easiest way is to create an online wallet, without downloading to your computer. For these purposes, fit any of the exchanges or online wallets available in your region. Here is a list of reliable cryptocurrency exchanges, which are also online wallets. If you are in a country that is supported by the selected exchange, then further registration will not be difficult:
  • Register on exchange/wallet
  • Receive selected currency address (usually are in Balances/Wallets)
  • Transfer your cryptocurrency to the received address (or specify the address of this wallet at the time of currency exchange through our exchanger)
  • Keep cryptocurrency until the moment you want to make a profit, and you can exchange it back into real money
Desktop(local) wallet
Exodus –The world's first multi-cryptocurrency desktop wallet. It is free and has an attractive interface. As soon as you open your Exodus wallet, the pie chart will show all your coin portfolios.
The wallet supports 7 cryptocurrencies and is the first desktop wallet in which the built-in ShapeShift tool for cryptocurrency exchange appeared..
JAXX (desktop/mobile wallet) Jaxx - multifunctional wallet created by the Canadian company Decentral. It supports 13 cryptocurrencies and has an elegant design combined with advanced security features.

If you still have questions our support center specialists will help you with all your questions.